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Second chance credit

Everyone needs a second chance particularly for those that have past and present credit issues. 

2nd Chance Credit can be your success to financing your next vehicle with Wheels4U

2nd Chance Credit offers consumers with bad credit history an opportunity that may not be available to you now with other lenders.

2nd Chance Credit allows consumers to rebuild their credit history which can result in greater accessibility to traditional consumer loans over time , such as those offered by your bank

Do I have to give a cash down? 2017-03-28T17:52:54+00:00

We have a lot of options at $ 0 that will meet your financial needs. Any down payment you decide to give will lower your loan amount. Note that you may be required to make a down payment if your ability to pay does not meet the requirements of the lenders.

Do you accept my vehicle in exchange? 2017-03-28T17:50:19+00:00

Absolutely! We are always looking for new vehicles. The amount that will be allocated for your exchange can be applied on your loan. The amount applied will reduce the amount owing on the vehicle and your payment will be lower.

What are the interest rates you offer? 2017-03-28T17:25:59+00:00

We offer the best possible rates in the industry through our extensive network of financial institutions. Our credit specialists will present your file to the most appropriate lender based on your credit history. This will allow you to get the best possible rate.

Will your services allow me to correct my credit? 2017-03-28T17:35:27+00:00

Yes! All financial institutions with which we work report all your payments to the credit bureau. If your payments are made in a timely manner, you can then start to correct your credit.

How long it can take to be approved for a car loan? 2017-03-28T17:37:31+00:00

Once you have completed our express request, you will receive a call within 30 minutes to confirm the start of the approval process. Subsequently, we will present your file to the appropriate lender and you will get your car loan, in most cases, in just 3 hours from the time we receive your application.

Are you a financial institution? 2017-03-28T17:39:47+00:00

We are not a financial institution, we are financial brokers. We work with our financial partners to get you the best auto loan possible. Our customers benefit from the business relationships we have built over the years.

For which amount can I be approved? 2017-03-28T17:46:02+00:00

The amount for which you are approved depends on your ability to repay the loan. This process evaluates the ratio of your financial commitments (debts) to your income.