What is a credit report?

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What is a credit report?

A credit report is a summary of your credit history. This is basically a list of all of the ways that you’ve used or applied for credit and information about your behavior with that credit.

Your credit report begins the first time you borrow money or apply for credit. This could be applying for a credit card or even using a “buy now, pay later” promotion at a store. Each time you do this, the lender sends information about these accounts to the credit reporting agencies so that they can compose your credit report.

Personal information that appears in public records, like filing for bankruptcy, will also appear on your credit report so that your lender can have an entire picture of your credit history.

A credit report doesn’t just list your credit cards; it includes all kinds of information about your behavior with that credit, like whether you make your payments on time, if you ever miss payments, and whether you go over your credit limit. Sometimes it will include your phone or internet accounts, utilities like hydro and gas, and any bank accounts that have been closed “for cause”, which is usually due to money owing or fraud.



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